Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Sense of Place ~ Progress the Prerequisite for Tomorrow

The enthusiasms of thoday are the lifeline for tomorrow. The visions of the future can only be fulfilled by daily accomplishments. These step-by-step acheivements add up to be progress.
This was the second year in our NEW Watauga High School. This aerial photo was taken by the late Hugh Morton if Grandfather Mountain in a fly over with Grover Robbins of Hound Ears.

To those readers who are familiar with the current high school campus; try to recognize the features that still remain from that "modern school" of 1966. If you "click to enlarge" you will see our cafeteria, main gym, and the courtyard in the academic quad. It is hard to recall that the old New school was designed around 4 core areas since over the years we have lost the divisions between the sections with "add ons and fill ins".
Vending machines in school meant "School Supplies" not sodas, fruit drinks, candy and caffiene. Pencils, real wood #2 pencils, were 5 cents and a real "ball point pen" could be purchased for a quarter.
The most modern of business training was made available to all. What is this machine in the photo above? One of the new clubs at WHS in 1966 was the Future Business Leaders of America.

Progress occurs in an endless number of fields, public education being one of the most vital. A thoroughly modern school, the New WHS featured a language lab which allowed the teacher, Mrs. Anita Eppley, to speak and listen to her students through her headphone and microphone. Remember this was the highest level of educational technology in 1966!

Judy Giles, Mark Thalheimer, and Gary Shore in the new language lab trying to master their conversational French!

Public education cultivates an appreciation for knowledge that continues throughout a person's life.

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